CCHS College & Career Days

March 18th: Career Focus


Digital Citizenship -

River Bank & Trust-Relationship Manager

Children’s Rehab Services

Coosa County Sheriff


Alabama Power-Engineering

Outpatient Mental Health Therapist-Altapointe

Civil Engineering-AL Dept of Transportation


Behavioral Specialist-Altapointe

Substance Abuse Therapist-Altapointe

March 11th: College/Military Focus



Limitless Groups Session-Growth vs Fixed Mindset:

Intro to Discussion & Reflection section-


Networking & Extracurricular Activities-


Interview: Justin Tuck by Hwy 22 Podcast Guys

Breakout Sessions Video Links

Mr. Mynard-Auburn video

Mrs. Thompson-Shelton State video   (

(click on the virtual tour picture) 

(2 videos)

Once on the page you can scroll down and show each of the videos for these two links.  

Coach Thomas-UAH

Mrs. White-Montevallo video

Coach Elliott video-ULTIMATE GUIDE: Preparing for College in High School! video

Mrs. Stover-Air Force videos

(Scroll Through and briefly read the Basic Requirements to the students. This is not a video)

(Basic Training Overview video)

(6 videos)

Mr. Strock-Marines

Scroll down to show the Our Values video.

Scroll down to show the Testing Fitness video.

Show video and scroll down and review the Eligibility and ASVAB Requirements.

Show video and scroll down to point out the list of colleges and universities (especially Alabama and Mississippi State).

Scroll down to show A Calling Heard Around the World Video.

Mrs. McDonald-Navy

Scroll down to the In The Air section and show the Aviation Electronics Technician video.

Scroll down to the On the Sea section and show all three videos.

Scroll down to the Underwater section and show the SONAR Technician and Mineman videos.  

Anything else Sam wants to share is fine as well.

Understanding Your Transcript: